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About Us

Ohioterminsurance.com is the premier resource for term insurance plans. Instantly, you can view, compare and apply for high quality plans from the top-rated life insurers. Rates are updated daily and we take the time to carefully research and review policies from the major companies.

Best Prices

You are guaranteed to receive the lowest available life insurance prices, with special emphasis on the highest-rated carriers. We’ll also assist you in the application process and offer free customized service throughout the term of your policy.

Many variables must be considered when purchasing coverage. Price, safety of the insurer, length of guarantee period, and suitability are only a few of the factors that must be carefully considered. We help you make the best possible decision by reviewing or discussing these points with you.


During the underwriting process, the insurer reviews the application and accompanying information and subsequently makes an offer. We help you evaluate that offer and determine if an alternative plan may be more cost-effective and/or suitable. If the policy presented to you is the best available option, we'll recommend activating coverage on the policy effective date.

The Website

This website is owned and operated by Ed Harris, who resides in Ohio with his wife and two children. Ed is a 1980 graduate of Miami University (Finance & Journalism) and began his career in insurance/financial planning immediately after graduation. Ed enjoys tennis, golf and foreign politics. He also bowls once every 10 years, and texts about once per month.


Admittedly, I text more now. But our kids in college still text more in one day than I do in a month!