Ohio Term Insurance

Best Term Insurance Rates - Free Life Quotes From Multiple Companies

Cheap term life insurance rates are available from the top-rated companies at the lowest available prices. All quotes are free and you can easily save up to 70% by allowing our experts to do the shopping for you. This type of coverage is the most affordable type of policy designed to protect you and your family's financial stability. By comparing dozens of companies and hundreds of plans, you can easily view the least expensive options. Reviewing sample pricesis available 24/7.

We are an independent agency located in Ohio specializing in high quality life insurance plans offered by the top US  insurers. With more than 37 years of experience, we are the nation's leading resource for affordable term coverage and policies that require no medical exam plans. "Final Expense" plans are also available with limited medical underwriting. Premiums on these types of plans do not increase, and the death benefit does not decrease.

Whether you need $25,000 or $25 million of coverage, we'll show you the best options and how to easily apply online.  And no...You don't have to reside here in the Buckeye state to qualify for these low rates. Additional whole-life and universal life options are available for persons that prefer longer periods of coverage.


How To Get The Lowest Rates

It starts with the "quote box" near the top of the page. Once you have entered your zip code (Yes...sometimes there are very slight differences in availability of policies in specific areas), there will be a few quick questions to answer. Don't worry...Nothing too personal. Private financial information is not needed.

In a moment, we'll have the basic information needed to quickly search and calculate the best offers from the top-rated companies. You'll be able to view quotes on all types of policies including 10, 15, 20 and 30-year term plans, permanent coverage, and also final-expense contracts.

We Shop And Compare So You Save

Shopping for the lowest term life insurance coverage is made easy. We research all top-rated companies so you can quickly compare the cheapest options.

By shopping, researching and comparing, we provide the guaranteed lowest prices for your policies. Whether you are an individual or a family, our free service allows you to find the most affordable coverage in the US. Only companies rated “A” by A.M. Best Company are considered. If a carrier has a lower rating, we will make that information available, with an explanation.

By utilizing a combination of ultra-modern software, three decades of experience, and carefully monitoring more than 110  of the most reputable companies, we know you will always view the best prices. One insurer can't offer the best solution for everyone, which is why it's critical to utilize our website. Protecting you and your family from the unexpected is our specialty. As rates and plan designs change, we continue to customize and update our quote engine.

We also show you the best "break points," which are the particular face amounts of coverage that are often the lowest cost when purchasing additional benefits. For example, typically, it is not prudent to buy policies with face amounts of either $95,000 or $240,000.  Also, if you smoke, there are several carriers that offer better prices for nicotine usage. If you recently quit, we can review the companies that currently will extend a non-smoking offer.

* Applying for coverage is very easy. Generally, physicals are not required (just a paramedical) and the application process can be completed online, via fax or through the mail. If a full medical exam is needed, the insurer pays the entire cost, and all lab and diagnostic results are sent directly (and confidentially) to you.

* If you have current health problems or feel you are uninsurable, we still may be able to obtain a quality plan for you. Many "non-standard" policies are offered and prices have steadily reduced as actuaries better understand that many diseases and illnesses are now more effectively treated.

* When a policy is approved, you are not under any obligation to accept coverage and have time to review the rate and coverage. At any time, you can cancel a policy without any furthur obligation or cost.


"No Medical Exam" Options

Many persons prefer to avoid taking a physical or giving blood and/or urine. Whether they are in impeccable health, or there are existing issues, several large reputable carriers allow you to apply for coverage without the physical, and their pricing is very competitive. You can lock in rates for an extended period, with no obligation to keep coverage. Higher face amounts, however, may not always be available.

For persons with a busy schedule, Seniors over the age of 65, or anyone that is a bit squeamish about giving blood, this type of plan is a great solution. Policies are often approved within 24-48 hours. A "simplified" issue option requires more underwriting, and will cost less than a "guaranteed issue" policy, that other than a few exceptions, approves all applicants. Note: For applicants with no major medical issues, an underwritten plan will always provide the lowest rates.


Understanding Your Needs

Most importantly, we understand that your needs, financial and family situation, health status, and employment, can change  at any time. That's why we feel it's important to have coverage that is both flexible and easily adaptable to changes. Whether, you purchase Term, Whole Life, Variable, or Universal plans, the benefits must fit your budget and financial needs. You always may cancel your policy at any time. Any available cash surrender value will be given to you.

And as you get older, your financial situation changes, along with your need for term life insurance coverage. Depending on many factors, including your net worth, pension, health, and age of your dependents, you may actually require a lower amount of coverage. Therefore, if you owm multiple term policies, it's possible that all policies may not need to be renewed.

Do you travel quite a bit? Are the destinations dangerous and thousands of miles away? Are they long trips of more than two weeks? Do you climb mountains, fly, or regularly engage in hazardous sports and hobbies? All of these additional factors could impact what offers you receive.

Although 10 and 20-year policies are the most popular option, there are actually several additional options that may be more financially suitable to your needs. Determining how much coverage you need is as important as the ideal length of time you should be insured. And of course, the number of persons dependent on your income (spouse, children, parents etc...) will greatly determine the perfect solution.