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Term life insurance rates have steadily reduced since 1980.  Premiums in recent years have been 50% less than 20 years ago. Longer life spans and increased investment returns have allowed life insurance companies to drastically lower rates on term insurance plans.

But life insurance rates for Ohio (and the rest of the US) have recently started to increase, and there are a number of reasons for this reversal. One reason is that the cost of maintaining an insurance company’s  “reserves”  dramatically increased in 2009. “Reserves” are the portion of assets that insurance companies are required to keep liquid. Also, life insurance companies are earning less on their investments, which is forcing rates up.

However, not all life insurance companies have raised their rates…yet. Depending on many factors, including the performance of the US economy, rates could continue to increase. We research and recommend the “A” rated companies that offer the lowest rate for your insurance coverage. Our service is free and your rate is guaranteed to be the lowest underwritten premium offered by the insurance company.

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