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Buying Life Insurance Online With Cheapest Quote - Is It Safe?

Buying inexpensive life insurance through the internet saves time, money, and perhaps lowers your blood pressure since you eliminate a lot of frustration! Our specialty is finding cheap term coverage that matches the price and time frame you provide. We help you evaluate and compare the best offers and get covered as quickly as possible. Many companies do not require a physical and a "free-look" period is always provided, in case you do not want the policy.


Is It Safe?

But...Is it safe to purchase coverage on the internet, instead of a face-to-face meeting? Yes, it is. There are no extra fees or charges when applications are submitted online, and prices of policies are identical to securing coverage in person. Actually, expenses to the insurer are less, so it helps reduce rates. You can communicate with the broker and/or carrier by phone, text, email, fax, or mail.


However, it is important to follow some very basic safety guidelines:

* The website (such as ours) should be US-based. The domain should be registered with a US address with verifiable contact information. If you can't verify this information, email to ensure you get a response from a "real" person. An automated response should always be followed by a live call or email within three hours. The source of the call should be verified by your caller ID. 

* Never pay money during the quoting process. It is not needed, and there is no reason to provide personal financial information or documentation while comparing prices. If you apply for a policy online, often you can avoid paying an upfront premium. Once the policy is approved, generally, you can select a monthly or annual billing mode. Each year, you can change the billing mode.

* The insurer should be "A-" rated (or better) by A.M. Best Company with no pending downgrades. If the company is rated below "A-," another carrier should be chosen. Standard & Poors and Moodys are additional rating agencies that can be considered. Upon request, we will provide that information on any company, including a company rating history for the last 10 years.

* When applying online (or comparing rates), review both monthly and annual offers, since sometimes there can be a substantial discount when paying for one year. If the reduction is nominal, selecting a monthly or quarterly billing mode is the best option.


Who We Are

Compare the cheapest life insurance policies and apply online for a policy. We do the shopping so you save.

As the nation’s premier trusted resource for providing low cost plans, we allow you to instantly view, compare or apply online for the guaranteed lowest rates provided by each carrier. Offers you view on this website are the most unbiased  comparisons in the country and only “A-” rated companies (A.M. Best Co.) are considered.

Prices have been steadily dropping since 1985. Generally, as people live longer, premiums become cheaper and much more affordable. Also, predicting the mortality impact of diseases has helped insurers more accurately calculate the cost of writing a policy. This has translated to significant premium reductions for persons between the ages of 25 and 65. Coverage for persons over age 65 is available, although enhanced medical underwriting, including a physical, is sometimes required.

We help you find the specific policy that meets your needs but also fits within your budget. Whether your need is limited (10 years or less) or longer, we research the top companies to determine the best option. You will be familiar with many of the carriers, but there are several "no-name" companies that feature top ratings and fantastic prices.


What Is Term Life Insurance?

It's the cheapest form of available death benefit coverage and helps secure your family’s future. "Level" or "Fixed" Policies are the most popular form of coverage and provide the same amount of death benefit with premiums that remain stable over a specific period of time.

Typically, premiums are guaranteed for 10, 15 or 20 years. The 20-year term life rates will cost more than the 10-year or 15-year options since your guarantee period is longer. Conversely, a 5-year policy will be quite cheap, although very few companies offer that option.

Additional increments are also available. The policy can be cancelled at any time, without any penalty or fee. Coverage is different than final expense and whole life contracts. A “no exam” policy is available, although premiums will be higher than regular coverage.


How “Cheap” Are Rates?

View these ANNUAL rates:


$1,000,000 Of Coverage  10-Year Guarantee

$270  40-Year-Old Male (Transamerica)

$250  40-Year-Old Female (Transamerica)


$500,000 Of Coverage  10-Year Guarantee

$200  40-Year-Old Male (Transamerica)

$173  40-Year-Old Female (Sagicor Life)


$500,000 Of Coverage  20-Year Guarantee

$308  40-Year-Old Male (Sagicor Life)

$272  40-Year-Old Female (Sagicor Life)


$250,000 Of Coverage 15-Year Guarantee

$362  50-Year-Old Male (Banner Life)

$280  50-Year-Old Female (Protective Life)


$250,000 Of Coverage 10-Year Guarantee

$282  50-Year-Old Male (Protective Life)

$235  50-Year-Old Female (Transamerica)

**Rates are based on “Preferred Plus” rate classification


We make sure it is safe and secure to purchase the cheapest life insurance plans online. Only the top-rated companies are used in our quote engine.


Why Purchase A Policy From Us Instead Of Someone Else?


Unlike many online sites, we’re located in the US (Ohio) and are extremely familiar with what plans might be best for you. We never charge any fees and will always keep you informed of any tax or financial reform changes that may affect your policy. But also, just as importantly, it is imperative that if you have a current health condition, you should be properly matched with the company that will offer the best rate for that specific condition.

We take the time to research, find, and recommend the most affordable plan. And if you don’t qualify for the rate that was quoted, we’ll negotiate a lower rate for you, and if necessary, contact other carriers to find a cheaper rate. We do the "homework" needed to ensure you're receiving the best offers.


Can A Policy Be Converted To A Different Type Of Plan?

Most policies have a "conversion" option that last part or all of the guarantee-period. You can change your existing contract to another contract that keeps premiums level for as long as you live. Premiums, of course, will be much higher and it may not be a sound financial decision to take advantage of the option if you don't plan to keep the policy for a longer period of time. There is no medical underwriting when the policy is converted under the guaranteed provision. 


What If I Already Am Insured, But I Need More Coverage?

It is very possible that the rate you are currently paying now is higher (perhaps significantly higher) than the online quotes you are viewing on our website. However, there are many factors to consider. Your current health, financial situation and age of your oldest dependent are some of the important issues we should review to determine if changing your term insurance policy(s) would be advantageous.

Cheap plans are always available. But you do not want to jeopardize existing coverage unless you are approved for a rate that is acceptable to you. For that reason, never cancel existing coverage unless you have reviewed and accepted the offer on the new policy. Typically, there is a 10-day window that allows you to cancel the policy and receive a complete refund any funds you paid.

You can instantly view, compare or apply online for term insurance coverage by providing your zip code in the “Get Free Quotes” box on the top of the page. We compare and shop all major companies so you can save!