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Compare Top-Rated Term Insurance Companies - Instant Rates

Term life insurance coverage is offered by most of the major US insurers. Although prices and plan availability varies with each company,  a wide variety of options are offered. Some of the larger insurance companies that offer competitive rates are Prudential, Transamerica, Genworth, Principal, American General, and MetLife. However, other smaller companies such as Ohio National, Midland National, Banner Life, Cincinnati, Protective Life, Pacific Life, North American, Thrivent,  and West Coast Life often feature extremely low prices, depending on the specific face amount and length of coverage desired.

As the leading trusted resource for individual, family, and business term coverage, we only consider companies that are rated “A” by A.M. Best Company, one of the leading US rating agencies.  An A.M. Best rating is an independent opinion of an insurer’s financial strength and ability to meet its ongoing contract and insurance policy obligations. Their rating system has a proven track record in identifying carriers that may, over time, encounter financial difficulties. And of course, those companies will not be utilized when providing quotes.



Biggest Is Not Always The Cheapest!

The largest US life insurance companies do not necessarily always charge the lowest rate. For example, MetLife, Prudential, New York Life, Northwestern and Massachusetts Mutual are the five largest US life insurers (ranked by revenue). However, some of the companies offering the lowest term rate for a healthy 40 year-old male ($250,000 face amount guaranteed for 10 years) are not highly-visible carriers. They include Ohio National, Midland National, AAA , Protective Life, Pacific Life, and Minnesota Life. Each of these six life insurers are “A” rated companies and offer coverage for $160 per year (or less). 

Another important factor is the treatment of pre-existing conditions by particular companies. For example, some life carriers will charge a much higher rate for specific conditions, such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol or weight problems. Our experience and unique relationship with each company, allows us to research and find the life carrier that will offer you the most competitive rate.


Do Not Always Renew (Or Purchase) Term Insurance With The Same Company

When your initial term coverage is purchased, naturally, the selection of companies is based mostly on the rate. However, 10, 15, or 20 years later, a different company may offer much more competitive prices at your current age. For example, shown below, we  illustrated monthly rates for a $500,000 20-year guaranteed term policy purchased by a 35 year-old male in excellent health.

However, 20 years later, if the same applicant wants to purchase a 10-year policy for $250,000,  it's obvious that the companies offering the lowest rates are no longer the same. 


$500,000 20-Year Term Monthly Rates For 35 Year-Old Male

$21.59 - Protective Life

$21.88 - Lincoln National Life

$21.97 - American General

$22.06 - Ohio National

$22.44 - AAA


$250,000 10-Year Term Monthly Rates For 55 Year-Old Male 

$50.44 - Banner Life

$50.75 - Principal National

$50.82 - NorthAmerican

$51.89 - MetLife

$53.80 - John Hancock



We work for you, and by representing all of the major life insurance companies, we find what you need at the lowest available cost. If the renewal of your policy is within 24 months,  it is always advisable to review the specific companies that may be the most competitive, since your age has now changed.