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Low Cost Life Insurance For Seniors - Customized Free Quotes

Just because you're between the ages of 50 and 80 doesn't mean you can't qualify for affordable life insurance coverage. We research and compare term  plans from dozens of carriers to provide you with the guaranteed lowest allowable rate. Prices for Seniors have gradually reduced, and many low-cost options are offered. Top-rated carriers offer flexible options that provide customized coverage to meet your budget.

The most affordable contracts are 5 and 10-year term policies. Rates are guaranteed not to increase for that time period. However, if you want to continue benefits beyond 5-10 years, the renewal or conversion premium could be prohibitively expensive. Changing to a different type of plan is often possible, but the face amount of coverage may need to decrease to retain affordable prices.

Term life insurance plans do not accumulate cash value. But because the premiums are extremely low, you are able to purchase between four and eight times the amount of coverage for the same dollars that you could with a traditional whole life or cash accumulating policy.

Sve money with lower face amounts of life insurance for seniors. You can still qualify for low rates from top companies.

Small face amounts of coverage are also available to keep premiums low. Although we typically illustrate $100,000 and above, selected companies offer amounts as low as $10,000-$25,000.


Shown below are several of the least expensive rates from the top-rated companies that offer Senior coverage. Prices assume a non-smoker in excellent health. Naturally, existing medical conditions can impact the cost of the policy.


Male Rates


60 Year-Old Male $100,000 10-Year Guarantee

$27.94 Ohio National

$29.14 Savings Bank Life

$29.20 Protective Life


60 Year-Old Male $100,000 15-Year Guarantee

$38.93 Ohio National

$40.02 Savings Bank Life

$40.86 Banner Life


60 Year-Old Male $100,000 20-Year Guarantee

$54.75 Ohio National

$55.74 Transamerica

$55.74 Protective Life


65 Year-Old Male $100,000 10-Year Guarantee

$46.28 Ohio National

$51.48 AAA

$53.77 Protective Life


70 Year-Old Male $100,000 10-Year Guarantee

$79.75 Ohio National

$89.78 AAA

$90.30 Banner Life 


Female Rates


60 Year-Old Female $100,000 10-Year Guarantee

$20.50 Ohio National

$23.58 AAA

$23.90 Protective Life


60 Year-Old Female $100,000 15-Year Guarantee

$26.64 Ohio National


$30.36 Genworth


60 Year-Old Female $100,000 20-Year Guarantee

$36.42 Ohio National

$38.63 Savings Bank Life

$38.76 Protective Life


65 Year-Old Female $100,000 10-Year Guarantee

$29.93 Ohio National

$33.88 AAA

$34.15 Protective Life


70 Year-Old Female $100,000 10-Year Guarantee

$48.27 Ohio National

$53.75 TIAA-CREF

$57.82 National Life Of Vermont


If you need cheap senior life insurance, we have an answer for you. We shop so you save.


Whole Life Plans

A "Whole Life" policy is designed to provide permanent benefits regardless if the time period is 10 years or 50 years. Premiums are typically higher than other types of policies, although most plans guarantee the rate will never increase.

A significant amount of cash value may be available after the contract has been in force for at least 5-10 years. Although you may utilize theses funds to supplement retirement income, there may be tax ramifications that could significantly impact your choices.

If your primary need is estate or inheritance planning, since the benefits are tax-free, these types of plans are often very suitable. Also, the immediate payout often helps avoid liquidating assets at below market value, since you have ample time to find a buyer. NOTE: "Permanent" plans often do not provide the flexibility of other options, and reducing the face amount is often not possible.


We try to make simplify the process of applying for a low cost term life insurance policy. We have been at the same location for 34 years and continue to specialize in Senior plans. We also help arrange your free medical exam and explain all requirements. When approved for your policy, you still are not under any obligation to accept the offer.

Low cost term life insurance plans may be currently available to you because of your good health and age. However, if your health changes or you get older before you apply for coverage, the rate will increase. Purchasing term coverage while you are young is the least expensive way to create an immediate estate that is not taxed at the time of death.